Tiverton results

lowest turn out for the year so far with 13 attendees.

1st place Mike Partridge 35 points

2nd place Tony Townsend 34 Points

3rd place Ken Harper 32 points

Wooden Spoon Richard Moore 24 points

3 X 2’s Nigel Hardy, Pete Skinner and Ken Harper

Nearest the pin hole 4 Ken Harper

Nearest the pin hole 14 Pete Skinner

Nearest the pin in 2 hole 18 no one.

Handicap changes after Tiverton


Tour day 3 results

An end to a good weekend, we managed to play the golf around the weather with minimal showers, on an all food was good and outstanding service along with the excellent help from the pro shop on the Friday due to unforeseen circumstances.

1st place Tony Townsend 35 points

2nd Place Marc Newton 34 points

3rd Place Simon Challis 33 points

1 X 2 Alan Smith

Not to mention Pete Skinner’s out standing¬† Hole in one on hole 4 Well done Pete.

Nearest the pin in 2 hole 5 Alan Smith

Nearest the pin hole Dave East

Longest drive hole 14 Phil Beynon

Nearest the pin in 3 Tony Townsend

Wooden Spoon Phil Beynon 22 points


1st place Marc Newton 101 points

2nd place Alan Smith 94 ponits

3rd Place Mike Partridge 92 points

4th Place Simon Challis 89 points

5th place Tony Townsend 87 points

Wooden spoon Matt Hawkins


Tour day 2 results

Everything went without no problems today, we again got away with a few showers, slightly harder course but condition was very good.

1st Place Marc Newton 35 points

2nd Place Ray Phare 31 points

3rd place Alan Smith 28 points

Wooden Spoon Martin Connelly 11 points

2 X 2’s John Dibsdale and Phil Beynon

Longest Drive hole 2 Marc Newton

Nearest the pin hole 8 John Dibsdale

Nearest the pin in 2 hole 11 Simon Challis

Nearest the pin 3 hole 17 Marc Newton

overall top 5

1st place Marc Newton 67

2nd place Mike Partridge 63

3rd Place Ray Phare 62

4th Place Alan Smith 62

5th Place Pete Skinner 58

Tour Day 1 results

Very eventful day for some due to the M5 been closed and having tee times reshuffled to get the weekend on it way, the weather did hold off for most as well which was good end to the day.

1st Place Pete Skinner 38 Points

2nd Place Mike Partridge 36 Points

3rd Place Alan Smith 34 Points

Wooden Spoon Matt Hawkins 14 points

3 X 2’s Pete Skinner, Simon Challis and Keith Pearcy

Nearest the pin in 2 hole 5 Steve Penna

Nearest the pin hole 6 Marc Newton

Longest drive hole 14 Simon Challis

Nearest the pin in 3 hole 18 Tony Townsend

score info at the moment as the programme is crashed hopefully will update over the weekend.

results for 3 clubs and a outter

Another very good turn out with 16 people, though it was a bit windy we had some good scores come in along with 1 exceptional score.

1st place Hannah Reynolds 27 points

2nd place Marc Newton 19 points

3rd Place Mike Partridge 18 points

Nearest the pin in 2 hole 1 Keith Pearcy

Nearest the pin in 2 hole 6 Hannah Reynolds

Nearest the pin hole 9 Matt Dunbar