Okehampton Results

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Nice dry day starting off with a fair breeze dying down towards the end.

Greens was in very good condition, however impossible to hold the ball.

1st place Ray Phare 36 points

2nd Place Roy Mitchell 35 Points

3rd Place Marc Newton 33 points

Wooden Spoon Pete Skinner 24 points

no 2’s 50 balls now rolled over to Stover

Longest drive hole 10 Marc Newton

Nearest the pin hole 12 Dave Lawson

Nearest the pin hole 15 Roy Mitchell

Nearest the pin in 2 Ray Phare

Best 5 scores

Handicap changes after Okehampton

Okehampton results




2018 TOUR Vale resort results

2018 tour champion

Firstly thank you all for your support for this years tour, 24 Golfers attended this years tour, which is on of the best turn outs ever.

Pete would also like to thank everyone for their donations to his charity for the British heart foundation, we raised an extra £264.00 for the draw and guess the ball competition.

Though the weather was nice dry and sunny it did make the golf very tough especially on the national course with the wind as well as the solid ground with awkward bounces.

Day 1,

Longest drive hole 2 Tony Adams

Nearest the pin in 2 hole 6 Keith Pearcy

Nearest the Pin hole 12 Phil Beynon

Nearest the pin in 3 hole 15 Marc Newton

2’s Dom Wilson 24 balls.

123 Cha Cha Cha Team event

1st place Mike Partridge, Ray Dwan, Tony Townsend and Dave Lawson

2nd place Nigel Hardy, Keith Pearcy, Phil Beynon and Alan Smith

3rd place Pete Skinner, Ray Phare, Matt Hawkins and Dom Wilson

1st place Tony Townsend 34 points

2nd Place Pete Skinner 31 points

3rd Place Marc Newton 30 points.

Day 2

Nearest the pin hole 10 Ray Phare

Nearest the pin in 2 hole 12 Alan Smith

Longest drive hole 14 Tony Townsend

Nearest the pin in 3 Keith Pearcy

No 2’s balls rolled over.

Yellow Ball Team event

1st place Marc Newton, Ray Phare, Steve Davison and Nigel Hardy

2nd place Dave East, Roy Mitchell, Dom Wilson and Rob Dyton

3rd Place Pete Skinner, Mark Reynolds, Dave Lawson and Ned Kelly

1st Place Marc Newton 36 points

2nd place Ray Phare 34 points

3rd Place Matt Hawkins 33 points

Day 3

Longest Drive hole 2 Dave East

Nearest the pin in 2 hole 6 Tony Townsend

Nearest the pin hole 12 Keith Pearcy

Nearest the pin in 3 hole 15 Ray Phare

2 X 2’s Rob Dyton and Alan Smith 24 balls each.

1st place Alan Smith 33 points

2nd Place Ray Phare 31 points BB6

3rd Place Nigel Hardy 31 points

total lost balls for the weekend was 304,

Roy Mitchell was the winner with the guess of 310, John Dibs was 2nd with 296

Most balls lost was Dave East with 22 balls, lucky for him he managed to win 36 Balls over the weekend.

we also had a draw for everyone who contributed £10.00 towards the captains charity, which was a Taylormade M2 driver.

Congratulations to Dave Lawson who won the draw.

overall for the 3 days.

1st place Marc Newton 93 points.

2nd Place Ray Phare 92 points

3rd place Alan Smith 89 points

4th Place Tony Townsend 87 points

5th Place Nigel Hardy 84 points

6th Place Matt Hawkins 82 points.

Handicap changes after day 3

Results day 3

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