Lyme Regis

IMG_0109 Fog strikes again.

Thank you to all who turned up to Lyme Regis, one of the best turn outs in a long time. also a big well come to the new members that also turned up and we will hopefully get to play again in a few weeks.

There may be an option to replay this event later in the year so if you are interested in playing again let the committee know at Tiverton.

The next event is Tiverton on Thursday 20th April 14.00 hrs Tee off £30 coffee and bacon roll. look forward to seeing you all their. there has been a few handicaps changes so I will place an update shortly.

Lyme Regis

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Lyme Regis Handicaps

Handicaps for Lyme Regis

Trolley’s are permitted as of Monday 27th March. 01297 442963 opt 1

winter rules still apply lift and place on closely mown area’s and if your ball is plugged in the ruff you can lift clean and DROP within 1 club length no nearer the hole.

Tony will be collecting £5.00 for the match play trophy which the draw will take place at Tiverton after golf on the 20th April.